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    Top 3 Must-Visit Destinations in Suva 

    One of the most promising travel destinations in the world is Suva, the vibrant capital city of the South Pacific island nation of Fiji. This biggest city in Fiji is situated in the southeast region of VitiLevu. Planning your vacation here with your loved ones is certainly fun and worth it.

    Suva is a modern city with tons of awe-inspiring attractions to visit and breathtaking landscapes. With its magnificent British colonial buildings, abundant parks and gardens, fashion-forward shopping centers, as well as top-notch restaurants, many visitors from across the globe are wanting to explore the entire city.

    Apparently, getting in this diverse city is made easier and more accessible. There are Nadi to Suva flights available that will take you to this spectacular destination. Your holiday in this place will surely be memorable and full of excitement. Hence, book your flight ahead and make sure that you get the best deal.

    Read on to discover some of the must-visit destinations in Suva, which include the following:

    The Fiji Museum

    The oldest museum in the South Pacific founded in 1904 is The Fiji Museum. It is just a 30-minute drive from the city center and holds incredible collection of artifacts dating back over three millennia. There are various cultural objects and relics of Fiji’s indigenous inhabitants and other communities that migrated in the island long ago. More so, this impressive museum offers special activities for youngsters as well as lectures to know more about the region’s cultural history.

    Thurston Gardens

    Next to The Fiji Museum is a botanical garden called Thurston Gardens. It used to be known as Suva Botanical Gardens, but its name was changed in honor of Fiji’s fifth governor, Sir John Bates Thurston. This tranquil public park is home to various kinds of flora, such as palms, water lilies, ginger, and some South Pacific plants. In addition, you can take advantage of its gorgeous surroundings by strolling around the gardens or going on a picnic with your family or friends. The calmness of this place will definitely give you peace of mind.

    Colo-I-Suva Forest Park

    Another must-see attraction in Suva is this nature reserve called Colo-I-Suva Forest Park. It can be found on Princes Road, in a tropical lowland rainforest. There are several things you can do while here, including bird watching, hiking, and swimming. In fact, the park has many falls, three nature pools, and picnic area, which you can all enjoy. All nature lovers will be delighted to see this place as it allows you to be one with nature even for just a short while.

    On the whole, Suva is worth both your penny and time. In case you are thinking of spending your vacation here, you might want to consider and add these three destinations mentioned above on your itinerary. Suva won’t disappoint anyone in any way. That is the reason why it is a great choice to have your holiday in this beautiful city filled with cultural attractions, vibrant night spots, delectable food, and thrilling outdoor activities.

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    Enjoy Some of the Richest History on the Planet 

    This holiday season, take a moment to think outside of the box. Too often individuals or families think that holidays must be spent in new, sparkling amusement parks. Rather than fall into the same tourist traps this year, take a step back and give your family a chance to get a taste of one of humanity’s oldest and most advanced societies. Known as “The Eternal City,” Rome, Italy, is a beautiful city with a long, long history and many amazing attractions to enjoy. From ancient monuments to centuries-old churches, there is no end to the breathtaking sights you and your loved ones can experience first-hand.

    The Roman Forum

    Much like the town square of your own city, the Roman Forum was the centre of life in the city. Thousands of colourful festivals, joyous celebrations, and even executions were carried out there on a daily basis. If you have a taste for adventure, you can book a self-guided tour of the ruins and take your time exploring the many architectural wonders and technological advancements Roman people enjoyed. If you wish to play it a bit safer, you can decide to join a guided tour instead and allow your family to learn about the Forum and its history from a knowledgeable tour guide.

    In addition, there is nothing quite as awe-inspiring as a climb to the top of the Palatine Hill for a view of the whole city. The view alone is enough to send your imagination into overdrive as you wonder how life must have been when this beautiful city thrived with bustling life. With luck, your younger companions might even be encouraged to look deeper into the history and learn something irreplaceable.

    The Colosseum

    Of all the Rome attractions, the Colosseum is the most striking and well-known. Proof that Roman architects had exceptional mastery over their art, the Roman Colosseum is a window into the culture of the Roman Empire. This imposing structure housed thousands of gladiator games, where slaves and glory hunters fought for their lives and honour. According to records, the very first fight took place in 82 CE, and crowds for these events would swell to nearly 50,000 strong. As you stand where they once sat and cheered, you will almost hear their roars of approval as the men fought both each other and dangerous animals.

    For a fantastic photo opportunity, do not forget to stop beneath the Arch of Constantine. Of all the early civilisations, Rome was the most advanced, and this is proven by the beauty of the Arch of Constantine. It has stood the test of over 1500 years without once faltering, and you have the opportunity to enjoy the overwhelming sense of awe so many have before you.

    As you book your holiday season this year, remember that there are a great deal more attractions to see and enjoy within the city of Rome. You and your loved ones deserve a taste of adventure and a look into some of the most important historical achievements of man. Summer might be half over now, but it is never too early to look into next year. The sooner you book your trip, the more you save.

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    A Wonderful Accommodation Experience at Goa Hotels 

    Goa is an exotic tourist place, featuring colonial architecture, and beaches. The Renaissance-style cathedrals in Old Goa fascinate visitors with their unique structures, portraying the traditions and culture of the Dutch and Portuguese. Tourists can sit on beach shacks with local drinks, while enjoying the mesmerising view of the ocean. Apart from this, the state has thundering waterfalls, lively flea markets and lush gardens that are preferred relaxing spots. A blend of various spices can be tasted in the delicious seafood, offered by restaurants. The weather here is warm and humid with short winters between December and February.

    download (3)

    Places to Visit

    Travellers can go to Panaji, a place full of exotic beaches, restaurants, old churches and floating casinos. A day, spent on the streets here, will give unforgettable memories. To experience luxury, visitors can move to various cruise casinos. One of the most famous beaches here is Baga, where people can socialise, while sipping drinks at its lively shacks. Basilica of Bom Jesus, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, houses the relics of St. Francis Xavier. It is visited by many for its unique baroque architecture. To meet the increasing demand for accommodation, hotels like Santana Resort and Taj Vivanta function throughout the year.

    Santana Beach Resort

    This beach resort, surrounded by tropical gardens, is located on Candolim Beach. It is a budget hotel, offering rooms with bathroom, including hot-water shower, and some with a kitchen. An en suite mini-bar along with amenities like a telephone is provided to all. If people wish to watch movies during their leisure time, they can make use of the television. Internet access in the room allows guests to check mails and surf the net easily.

    Santana Beach Resort has two swimming pools, near which people can get an Ayurvedic massage, lying on sun loungers. Beside the swimming pool is Olegarios, the bar and restaurant of the resort, offering delicious seafood. Guidance regarding sightseeing is provided to help tourists explore the state conveniently. Dream destination weddings can be planned here as the resort management takes care of organising the event.

    Taj Vivanta Goa

    Vivanta By Taj has three properties in Goa: one in Panaji and the other two in Candolim. All these 5-star hotels have luxurious rooms with balconies or outdoor spaces for occupants to enjoy the views of the sea, and the gentle winds. Sitting under a parasol on planter chairs, guests get a chance to adore the beaches and greenery around. LCD TVs and DVD players are provided so that people do not miss out on their favourite movies and shows. A menu for the choice of pillow is also offered for optimum comfort and relaxation. With its newspaper facility, guests can continue their reading habit and get updated with the current events. The in-room tea and coffee maker can be used to sip some hot drinks and start the day on a refreshing note.

    The hotels of Taj Vivanta Goa have many restaurants, serving delicious food from across the country and globe. A well-equipped gym has also been provided for health-conscious guests. After a tiring workout, people can swim in the on-site pools or relax beside them. The properties also house a beauty salon, where guests can get the haircut of their choice. Pet amenities and services are also offered so that guests can bring along their pets and can be worry free about their health and accommodation. Vivanta also has numerous halls and lawns for people to hold business meetings and conferences, and weddings and family get-togethers. For rejuvenation, all can head to the on-site spa and get Ayurvedic massages.

    Comfortable accommodation, along with modern amenities at these luxurious properties, ensures a wonderful trip to the beach paradise.

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    Explore The Exotic Safari Adventures In Africa 

    South Africa continues to be one of the most popular tourist spot till date despite a decline in travel across the world. According to the World Tourism Organization it experienced a remarkable growth of 6.5% in tourism. The key to the success in South Africa’s tourism is the wildlife safari that attracts the major crowd. The Kruger National Park is well-known for its game viewing including other well-regulated parks in the country. Some of the national parks along the long stretched out coastline hosts a glimpse of dolphins and whales.

    download (19)

    The South Africa National Park is responsible for managing 20 national parks across the country. Its policies are highly modified and well implemented to safeguard the well-being of the living beings of the sanctuary.Trans frontier conservation has been identified with Swaziland, Namibia, Lesotho, Mosambique and Botswana.

    Enjoy the experience of The Cage less Zoo

    The Lion Country Safari was initially developed by a group of British and African entrepreneurs to provide an opportunity to animal lovers to drive through a safari park where animals roam free. At the initiation of the Safari park sparked enormous interest to the residents and visitors to Africa and later it turned out to be a major attraction for tourists from all parts of the world. It is a better choice than planning to take your family on an expensive holiday trip. Today this safari is the residence to almost a thousand animals and that too only in the exhibit and the drive through area.

    Among all the present species in the park the more notable ones are lions, chimpanzees, white rhinos and giraffes. Millions of tourists as well as residents make a visit to this Safari every year to experience the scenic beauty and real animals from an arm’s length. Not only this, the natural open environment along with the magnificent atmosphere is just perfect for both a family trip and camping with friends during vacation.

    Making the right choice

    A visit to the African safaris can provide you with a range of available options to choose from. A stay at the Kruger National Park in South Africa can help you cover some of the most popular safari options. This includes driving through the wilderness in the park, walking the safari roads, sleeping in the wilderness under the stars, and watching a live hunt and much more. You just need to prioritize your options according to your order of preference. Watching the lion from a hop skip distance and that too roaming free is a once in a lifetime experience.

    Experienced tour guides will direct you through the right path to help you get a glimpse of the big cats roaming by your side. These safaris including the Lion Country Safari attract millions of visitors every year making it a memorable way to get a taste of the natural wildlife environment. These are a few suggestions and tips which you must surely consider if you are planning to make a visit to the African safaris.

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    Cheap Flights and Amazing Places 

    Getting cheap air tickets to Tel Aviv can be better choice as it is among the best cities of the globe in a lot of ways. This city is the second biggest city of the country population wise. Like it’s said regarding some other places of the globe, it as well is an area which never sleeps.


    A City that Never Sleeps!

    Tel Aviv remains alive round the clock and has a great night life due to which no one residing in the city gets bored. This metropolitan ha café, bars, great hotels for staying, shopping areas and restaurants and all that creates it an excellent place of visitors. Those who avail low price flights to Tel Aviv feel great as there are a lot of things in the city that can entertain the visitors.

    High Ratio of Tourists in the Tel Aviv

    The city has a great ratio of tourists visiting the area each year. An estimate tells that more than 2.5 million individual visit this city each year. Majority of these people get cheap flights to Tel Aviv and they get pleasure from spending in the city while living there for a while. The city has a lot of popular tourist parks and places where tourists can like very much spending their moments.

    While there are great a lot of ways to enjoy your holiday in Israel, when it comes to vacation with your family there are little budget oriented concern that have to be taken into consideration.

    Aim to Book your Flights Online

    While this online booking and finding best deals is not a simple task, booking your air tickets on the internet might save you huge money. Majority of flight companies to Israel have online fare sales, and the rates are always lower than the ones you get through your local travel companies.

    Summer Times

    Israel is a sunny and hot country, if possible you must aim your holidays to summer times. You will be pleased to determine that there are a lot of free attractions in the country, and wonderful free and open sunny seashores in Tel Aviv, Natanya, Ashdod, Ashkelon, Haifa, or any other country’s city next to Mediterranean ocean. Spending some moments with your friends and family on seaside bringing your own meal can be an unforgettable holiday with some really supernatural moments for you your friends.

    Come Together with your Lost Family

    The top secret to cheap family holidays is to be opportunistic. If your relatives or a friend provides you make use of their homes, there is our family holiday. If your family have a home you can live in – avail this opportunity. You will see that Israeli individuals generally offer a warm welcome, and residing under the one roof with your relatives could be even a good solution than living at hotels.

    You have to find cheap flights online and all inclusive hotels deals in you want to complete your Tel Aviv flights tour within your prescribed budget.


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    Choose the Best Uksresort in Mumbai for Special Events 

    UK's ResortThe Uksresort – only some kilometre’s far away from Mumbai the Budget resorts near Mumbai and set amidst sample scenic beauty and wealthy records that blend harmoniously with state-of-the-art active life. A Signature enterprise hotel, showcasing impeccable Hospitality amidst scenic splendour and wealthy records that blend harmoniously with today’s life. Their main vision is to serve all the visitors with personal contact and making them feel on the pinnacle of the arena.

    Special events at Uksresort:


    Arrive at UK’s resort, Khopoli after a scenic pressure along the inexperienced nation-state. A luxurious buffet breakfast awaits you. Let down your hair at the Mini water park. What is greater, they’ve tune, rain & masti all 12 months round with Rain Dance. After a frolicking time in the water experience the renowned UK’sresort delicious unlimited buffet lunch. Make the most of the 6 acres of open area to play video games together with your own family and buddies. The little ones can make merry within the kid’s play park. The unforgettable revel in at United Kingdom’s motel Khopoli will have you and your circle of relatives returning for more.


    Uksresort is the only prevent vacation spot for conference hall Resorts Near Mumbai. Touch for the commercial enterprise meeting venues & assembly halls. Make use of the conference hall to behaviour boardroom conferences and corporate seminars with a big range of executive elegance rooms and an extensive gourmet to indulge business clients from any part of the world. The convention venue at UK’s hotel is well prepared with the gear and device essential for conferences, with big convention rooms to spherical tables, projectors, monitors, suitable lighting fixtures, and maximum other equipment to be had on call for. Have fun your special occasions like Birthdays, Get-togethers, Anniversaries, launch events and many others with stay tune, delicious Cuisines & various amusement to make every event enjoyable & memorable for the whole own family


    Marriages are made in heaven however created in the world and absolutely are aware of  how to lead them to glitter with splendour. From the instant making a decision to have fun your huge day with them, they depart no stone unturned to make the event an unforgettable one for future years. Be it traditional or a modern themed wedding, the wedding ceremony crew knows what you need in a marriage. With warm hospitality and years of experience, the wedding ceremony group ensures the marriage association right from small ceremonies, mehndi, sangeet software and indulgent reception runs out easily as deliberate. In a wedding, meals are an integral part of a selection of menu alternative they guarantee the wedding visitor enjoys the meals to the fullest. If the sky’s the restriction that is they will aim by means of supplying you the exceptional setups for the dream day. At UK’s resort, they offer a couple of out of doors venue alternatives with stunning views in your dream wedding ceremony.

    Author bio:

    The Uksresort professional primary assignment is to be a primary preference of the Budget resorts near Mumbai guests. Have a secure and fun crammed picnic with Resorts Near Mumbai. The Resort is right for someday picnics, weekends with a circle of relative’s individuals and pals and is thought for its large spacious lawns, water parks , garden and swimming pool.

    Contact US

    Ashtavinayak Mahad Phata,
    Old Mumbai – Pune Highway (NH4),
    Near Mahad Ashtavinayak Temple,
    Khopoli, Dist. Raigad – 410203,
    Maharashtra, India.
    Tel. : +91 2192 268333
    Mobile : +91 98220 12343
    Email :

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    How to Find Best Car Rental Service 

    Prices depend on the service you wish to hire, in this way; prices for car hire also consider a lot of aspects which will definitely affect the prices you will pay. Quite the opposite, there are still car rental service providers who are known as to as reputable ones as they provide their services in the lowest possible rate only to meet the demand on the industry.

    download (1)

    If you want to hire a car rental company, the main elements that comes on your thought is the price you need to manage. In this situation, locating ones who will not provide you any type of headache should be prioritized plus also take into account the following points before hiring a car rental service.

    Find Standard Services

    They should provide top quality services to their clients. It is still logical for them to price any services based on how much they consider it would be. They might provide this in the cheaper rate as they are considering the people and as well as economic crisis. This should not be a reason for them not to provide the most excellent service as possible as providing cheap service is their option.

    Determine How Far You Want the Service

    You have to think about how far you want this service. In this way, you should inform the car rental company on how long you want their vehicle to travel along with you. The price includes the whole vehicle and the petrol it needs to run and the driver. You are hiring not only a vehicle however also a driver thus you have to manage the payment for both driver and the vehicle.

    Type of Car

    The kind of vehicle you want to hire should also take into account. All car rental companies are offering you the chance to select the type of vehicle you wish them to make use of for you. Though, the most costly vehicle you selected, the higher your price will be. Quite the opposite, this is a benefit as you have the opportunity to choose where to drive particularly if you have vital meeting to attend. If this is an official party, in that case you can go along with self confidence as you hired a costly vehicle as your service.

    Those are major aspects affecting the car rental prices. These simply prove that making your cost as lower as possible is still on your part which you need to consider.

    Affordable Rent a Car Playa del Carmen can be acquired simply by only referring to the things mentioned above. You have nothing to do however to think about them all particularly if you have the limited budget. There are a number of companies providing this type service thus you still have options and you should not stick yourself to choose you consider you are not comfortable. It will be trouble free for you discover them as affordable as possible as nearly all companies are reducing their rates to get more business


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    Take a Trip Through Hawaiian History in Pauko Preserve 

    One of the most exciting places to go for a family vacation is the  Big Island in Hawaii. Unlike the other islands of Hawaii, the Big Island, as it is known, is not famous for its white, sandy beaches, but more for its rocky coastline and wealth of volcanoes. The volcanoes are so plentiful that many choose to visit the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, where families can get up close and personal.

    For Hawaii family vacations, it’s best to always have a bit of an itinerary planned beforehand. Some places you want to visit on your travels require advance reservations, and some activities may even be out of season when you come. One of the most interesting places on the island of Hawaii is the Puako petroglyph preserve. Access is allowed to roughly 1,200 petroglyphs, including dancers, sails, deity symbols, and other interesting imagery.

    You may be asking, what is a petroglyph? A petroglyph is essentially a carved image in stone, and the ones available for visitors to see on the Big Island date back to the 16th century, which is only one century after Columbus discovered America. This incredible preserve is ideal for families with older children and teenagers, but everyone will enjoy this park.

    It is important to remember that these stones are volcanic rocks, however, and the later in the day you go, the warmer the stones are. This is a great place to visit early in the day but no matter the time it’s always important to wear sunscreen and bring lots of water. While areas like this are widely open to the public, there are not a lot of resources once you get out on the land.

    The Royal Kona Resort always ensures guests have plenty of things to do for Hawaii family vacations. Book your next family vacation or excursion at the Royal Kona Resort, and stop by our friendly activities desk to plan your day. On the Big Island, you will take home memories that last a lifetime.

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    Amazing things to do in the Middle East 

    The Middle East is an intriguing part of the world, set right in the center of a map and connecting Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia. An amazing fusion of cultures can be found across the middle east and there are no shortage of things to do whilst you are enjoying Middle East luxury holidays.

    download (10)

    See the Egyptian Pyramids – this is hardly a big secret, we all know they are there, but every travel list and ‘bucket list’ surely includes this truly unbelievable sight. The images you see can’t do them justice, and some of the most incredible historical structures in the world are well worth a visit if you are able to get to them. Egypt is a beautiful country and a luxury stay at Port Ghalib can be topped with a trip across the country to see the amazing pyramids.

    See the Burj Khalifa – still being built, but this will be the tallest skyscraper in the world, and the opposite of the ancient architecture already mentioned, this is a hypermodern building which is an amazing thing to see.

    Swim in the Dead Sea – the easiest place to float in the world, this is the lowest lake on dry land (not actually a sea) and it is a truly magical experience to swim in the dead sea and feel the incredible sensation, as well as seeing this nutural marvel.

    Ferrari World Abu Dhabi – what more is there to say? An amusement park made by Ferrari, this is very different to the above, but is just as fun, and offers something for everyone not just car fans, with some exceptional activities.

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    How to Live Like a Local in Venice 

    If you plan to take a longer vacation and go to Venice, then you must learn how to live like a local. Venice can be quite expensive for tourists, but knowing some tips and tricks will definitely help you live on a budget.


    First of all, you should know that taking a Venice airport taxi is a good idea when you are in a hurry and willing to pay up to €150 for a ride. Take the bus, which is more affordable and convenient.

    Don’t stay in a hotel, no matter how attractive the price might be. Instead, rent an apartment to see how it is to live like a local in Venice. Enroll in a cooking class and learn how to prepare local dishes, with fresh ingredients bought from the market. At the Rialto markets, you can find fresh fruits and vegetables and locally caught seafood.

    Don’t take the vaporettos. All the locals walk in Venice, and they walk very fast. Do not be afraid to get lost and explore all the neighborhoods and the narrow streets. It is here where you will find the places where locals eat authentic and fresh food, at low prices. It will take up to one hour to cross the entire island.


    The best part is that you do not know what you will find when you turn the next corner. You will see children playing football, balconies adorned with flowers, old people gossiping in front of a house or laundry hanging above the water.

    Visit the other islands the Venetian lagoon has to offer. Although the most known is the Murano island, there are also the Burano, Torcello, Mazzorbo or Sant’Erasmo. Take your time to see everything they have to offer, as each of them is unique.

    Make new friends and get to know your neighbors. You will see that Venice locals are very friendly and warm. They will give you advice on what to visit and what to do in the city, where to eat local food and where to buy your groceries from.

    Living in Venice is a unique experience that will make you understand what makes this city magical. Venice has many hidden gems that you will discover only by doing what locals do. You will soon learn all the secrets of this city and you will never want to leave Venice.


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