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    What Can You Expect From Israel Tours? 

    If you are planning Israel tours this summer, you will be surprised with the variety of options that this destination offers. In fact, we can freely say that Israel has become one of the leading and the most popular tourist destinations in the world. This is not surprising, considering a number of breathtaking sights you can see. Each of them is unique and has something that will definitely stay in your memory for a long time. Especially if you hire an Israel private tour guide.

    Of course, the first association to Israel tours is religious tourism. As we know, this country is not only the cradle of the Judaism, buts also the land where developed other two big monotheist religions- Christianity and Islam. So, if you want to experience religion in its purity, this destination will be just the perfect choice. If these are places you want to see, make sure to inform your Israel private tour guide on time.

    However, Israel offers much more, and your vacation will not be limited to churches, temples and holy places. Just the opposite. This country is famous for its diverse nature, beautiful beaches, pleasant climate and, which is the most important, warm and friendly people who will be more than happy to help and make your vacation unforgettable.

    Popular Israel tours

    Now, let’s talk a little bit about things you can expect if you decide to spend your vacation with Israel tours. These are some of the most popular tourist destinations in Israel you mustn’t miss if you want to understand this country and all its beauties.

    • There are people who don’t like big cities and crowd, so they will do anything to avoid such places during their vacation. Jerusalem is different. Yes, it is a big and crowded city, but with a help of the Israel private tour guide, you will not have a problem to find quiet places and recharge your spiritual batteries. In this town, you will find traces and holy buildings of three mentioned world’s religious. Even if you are not a believer, these places should be on your radar. On the other hand, Jerusalem is a modern city, with a number of galleries, theaters, restaurants and public parks, where you can take a rest.
    • People who like relaxation and nature will be fascinated with the famous Dead Sea- unique work of nature and one of the most attractive Israel tours you can see. Its name fully reflects what is going under the surface- nothing! Because of the high concentration of salt, there are no usual life forms that we usually expect to see in other “normal” seas on the planet. On the other hand, experts wouldn’t agree with its name, simply because it is not a sea. It is the lake, but the saltiest one. Ask your Israel private tour guide what he thinks about it.
    • Probably the best place where you should go if you have already visited Dead Sea is the Masada, ancient fortress located on the nearby plateau. From here, you can enjoy the spectacular view on the lake and the Judean desert. This desert takes a special place in the Hebrew culture and tradition, because it is the symbol of suffering, courage and starvation of the nation. If you hear gunshots from there, don’t panic- the desert is now polygon for army military drills and exercises.
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    Social media agency Toronto paves smooth way for great success 

    Currently, digital services have made a significant change to the promotional and advertisement campaigns. For the same reason, almost every person prefers them over all other kinds of traditional solutions. If you are any of the ambitious entrepreneurs and looking for the best help then depend upon social media agency NYC. This market leader does not leave a single stone unturned when it comes to serve clients with the best assistance. In pursuit of this goal, it has established a state-of-the-art office where trained people work in a highly professional manner so that promised results could be delivered in the given time. In addition, it has taken approval and certification from almost every regulating authority.

    Due to this wonderful characteristic, you will not face any kind of problem while reaping the best benefits of its services. In case, you do not like to go with aforementioned company then hire social media agency Toronto. This company is equally beneficial to hire as they always try best efforts to become more proficient among tough competitors. Highly sensitive radar of its specialists keeps moving round the clock to capture all updates. It worth mention that highly educated professionals of this company understand every update to the fullest to execute in the best possible manner. Just because of this excellent policy, you will never remain devoid of enjoying the best advantages of latest activities and technologies of digital world.

    Keep futuristic approach

    Both these companies keep futuristic approach while working. Just because of this excellent policy, you always remain ready to cope with future challenges while witnessing significant increase in the revenue and popularity. So, never doubt or question their services in any regard. Otherwise, you might need to spend a big amount of money to start the business again with big investment.

    Perfect safety against all kinds of harmful elements

    It is not easy to make easy business among counterparts as they keep creating new problems in order to decrease your reputation and popularity. Entrepreneurs do not need to worry of this constraint as trained specialist provides perfect safety & security against these kinds of problems.

    Always keep you ahead of counterparts

    Obviously, everybody likes to remain ahead of competitors. To meet this expectation, they try best efforts but most of the time remains empty-handed. If you want to ensure guaranteed win over them then hire any of these agencies. They must help you in the best possible manner while maintaining business decorum.


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    One Day in GOA, INDIA: Tropical Paradise on the Arabian Sea 

    Complete Video Transcript

    0:18each okay to time at the beach
    0:24pretty a classic seen here on the Arabian Sea in Goa India
    0:39the sand is pretty warm
    0:41I’m looking forward to a swim in the affair
    0:49that my brand new shorts for bucks
    0:52not too bad
    0:56what if you have nice it is nice and warm volume its
    1:12string that if amis wondering
    1:15always known as being lost I’m just trying to get back to the main mast
    1:20market area and could ended up being a bit more convoluted than
    1:23it was getting to the beach radius came from at the fair
    1:27no racist that’s a bad day and custom
    1:31already Amanda
    1:36going to biggest ever coming up this coconut palm tree here
    1:40back in a way back to the top by don’t think that
    1:44we shall see the first to really most important thing is
    1:48when an angle that makes a helluva know the difference
    1:51himself let’s get it right here yes
    2:26all right now
    2:28work out okay I can imagine doing one straight up tell me that the experts
    2:38here with a friend that tell me your name again yet
    2:42and very nothing but good
    2:47a game you looking for the means me where
    2:51with trying to explain and you can coming
    2:59me thank you i’m taking a video
    3:07say from yeah
    3:13fix your name
    3:19okay cool
    3:20thank you him know you know you
    3:49now watching the sunset thats to bad day
    3:58sinking into the Arabian Sea by to say

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    Bouchard Gardens Vancouver Canada budget travel 

    Complete Video Transcript

    0:01I this is Jerry Brown jerry Brown’s tromble
    0:03today shark gardens here
    0:07anything for on Victoria I am
    0:11thanks ride and today medical
    0:14look at the row beautiful you
    0:20spectacular words state you
    0:26that here his
    0:31his you an idea
    0:33the with like
    0:35as BC
    0:37let’s get on our way here honor beautiful tour
    0:41and I want to tell you little bit
    0:44about the history I’ll the guardians
    0:47they actually was a Corey
    0:50where the owner had depleted
    0:54all the resources which was
    0:57a ready mix concrete in he devised in
    1:01great idea be able to put the concrete in
    1:04the headaches and be able to ship them all around the world
    1:07the course that meeting play wealthy and here’s some other
    1:11photographs the historical photographs up how
    1:14they owner and his wife a specially
    1:17it was really the brain behind it all
    1:21and took this wasteland in created into an oasis
    1:25and a beautiful beautiful area to visit
    1:32now that step into that tulip garden
    1:35hand there so many varieties tulips
    1:38in so many colors it very breathtaking
    1:46when we walk into this area Lori look around
    1:48she says it’s like walking in having
    1:52it’s so beautiful
    2:09well we have come into the gardens and we started from the beginning
    2:13and now we’ve seen the beautiful tulips
    2:17and the gonna do this is the fantastic beautiful
    2:21rose garden coming up there so many interesting things
    2:25here to see so let’s take
    2:28a glimpse at the beautiful thousands of girls is that our future let’s go
    2:33come on let’s move on
    2:50as you can imagine there’s hundreds of thousands of people that visit the
    2:55from all over the world annually now the gardens
    2:58is still in the family and
    3:02what her lovely legacy that the
    3:05owners have left us that we can enjoy them
    3:11year after year what a great legacy
    3:15for us to enjoy on
    3:23as we move around the garden it makes me reflect back on places that we have
    3:29such as Monet’s garden in
    3:32France in also to see some of the areas that then girl had painted in
    3:37and to think about the Impressionist painters
    3:41to be able to come to a place like this I think they would have just had a field
    3:44day with all the colors and textures
    4:39as we move into the japanese
    4:41then garden they understand that the
    4:45owner there was a famous Japanese
    4:48architect that was visiting in the early nineteen hundred’s
    4:54and she invited him out to designers & Garden
    4:58so he created this beautiful touch love
    5:01Japan it
    5:20okay well this is who shot
    5:23garden here by line Inc and
    5:27we probably enjoy day here seen all the flowers that they just changed
    5:34thousands up varieties to enjoy
    5:37it’s a great place to come have a picnic to set out on the lawn
    5:42just spent the day here it’s just wonderful
    5:45so I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did showing it to you
    5:49well this again is Ben Jerry Brown Jerry Brown track take
    5:53no do

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    Visiting NYC on a Budget (Free & Cheap Things to Do) $40 a Day Challenge – Urban Guidebook 

    Complete Video Transcript

    0:04day now that you know how to take public transportation
    0:12like a boss we’re going to give you the all make new york city challenge
    0:16having fun on a budget so grab your flats because we’re starting you off
    0:20with forty dollars and I for the fight in Iraq let’s not waste any time
    0:24your day starts in Midtown take the stairs after the High Line
    0:28which is situated 30 about the street on historic free
    0:31realign a mile-long aerial greenway what he did all the way down to can support
    0:35streak in the Meatpacking District
    0:37with traffic that’s healthy market along the way but this
    0:40earning SkyPark in just a way to get from point A to point B
    0:44art information exhibition performances and videos
    0:48staggered along the walk after a long morning
    0:51art and culture it’s time for a snack self are you having fun
    0:55any money that you yourself old and new favorites from the honey
    0:59Lower East Side and pretty much everything including some hard to find
    1:03nostalgic candy
    1:04all at bottom teeth and pricing fault at
    1:07don’t forget you’re on a budget take your sugar high
    1:10downtown financial district for a free tour and the Federal Reserve Bank of New
    1:15which include the trade is that the thing gold ball or more than 10,000
    1:19gold reserves currently reside no cameras allowed
    1:23whatever you bring you ready to check out the door time to work of candy
    1:28believe it or not no kayaking on the Hudson River for free
    1:31acquit am I think included I keep in mind
    1:35first time first there paddle out for some I did start to view the manhattan
    1:39from the water now it’s time to enjoy at New York’s finest
    1:42is and believe it or not the Thurston corny kinda track
    1:46check out the roaming hunger at and looking at the chat near you
    1:50try one or a few seminar Street it had been arranged
    1:53top 10 in the country with definitely worth a try I
    1:58Gary used to transport staten islanders to and from manhattan
    2:02at five mile 25 minutes I’ll ride also provides exactly is at the Statue of
    2:07Liberty and Ellis Island
    2:09and Manhattan skyline means but that’s happening
    2:12you need before you die and you can be for free
    2:15from the fact I’m very best I found fact take a ride out to Brooklyn Bridge Park
    2:20that restored doing carousel even hold had glass pavilion and what better way
    2:25to enjoy the fact that
    2:26amendment 1920 care out situated
    2:29under the broken grades and I mentioned only two dollars you’ll have some cash
    2:34left over
    2:35and now it’s time for the New York Comedy get the comedy clubs and their
    2:38two drink minimum
    2:39for somehow area improv Upright Citizens Brigade has
    2:43two locations one-inch healthy and me other in the East Village
    2:47whether you like improv stand at or sketch comedy
    2:50I’ve got you covered if you want if you can and coming talent
    2:53you can flag for tickets for free but the veteran actor only running five to
    2:57ten dollars
    2:58if in the bath last the final 30 and drinking at the lapd
    3:01there you have it we take you from midtown to Brooklyn Bridge Park
    3:05for a grand total at thirty nine dollars and fifty thank
    3:08and even factored in family rides between each location
    3:12if it’s a nice day it that way and try walking
    3:15will discover them up FB on your way
    3:18back good if it is another guidebook the next time

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    Budget Nutrition: Travel Breakfast | Prozis 

    Complete Video Transcript

    0:31hey guys what do you think whose me more richest known for persist or call
    0:35Today Show be taking a look at budget nutrition
    0:38specifically how to get your protein carbohydrates and fats any
    0:42must keep an eye on the budget style have a look at the ingredients will be
    0:46using today
    0:47she can see him basically gaw what it’s like breakfast
    0:50thanks arts the Nana
    0:54and a few other goodies on the site to get you in a minute
    0:58basically one making his breakfast and we’re looking at
    1:01this from the point if you’re traveling and you’ve only got a hotel with let’s
    1:06Mike way how can you still keep on track and get with the right nutrition
    1:10when you need it I’m often traveling this is a question I get asked then this
    1:15is between breakfast and make so on share this with you today
    1:19now he doesn’t why I doing that suit market but within hotels is often not
    1:24too far from
    1:25a quicky Mart gas station or supermarket
    1:28setting within walking distance and in that you can send it to trial
    1:32X owns you can travel with if you’re not already packing a food in traveling
    1:37with you why not but if not downright
    1:40just how we can get or that nutrition my hair
    1:44in just a few minutes using my credit bus stop going to start with the
    1:48oats really great salsa complex carbohydrates I
    1:51on a boil some water nappy have like actual
    1:55even better with theirs a coffee place Starbucks that same hotel
    1:59go down the self hot water shake-up computes
    2:03me to me of migration for that wheezing
    2:06across Pyrex dish and that way we’re not gonna get
    2:09any of those past it kinda toxins releasing through the water
    2:13as he’s my grapes up but cup of water in here
    2:16and then four minutes in Mike went just
    2:20into the water starts to boil
    2:32all waters cooking with huge move on to the banks now
    2:36this is the only thing they do really to buy amnesty happy
    2:40I egg whites ready
    2:43travel with them but I miss about me fresh we’re going to hear his
    2:47the ex in the micro and up with him
    2:52sprays all audible just a line of
    2:59lost all you only have one all not happening because you
    3:03Patel so as well of getting good a medium-sized Pyrex Paul
    3:08paxon its hopes on US only company in Europe luggage
    3:11and trapping with because reviews law if dishes
    3:15not my place another draw that line gonna pull
    3:18and use my thanks
    3:21and K flights mainly trial with one old
    3:25and %um action really great source
    3:29all pro team very highly absorbed
    3:32in the morning was he can just have a protein shake
    3:36not you know if you traveling might have a shape which one
    3:40and i wanna get special meal sunny a good amount of quality
    3:58lost one his young using
    4:0010h death reason for that is love that is just the
    4:04egg whites and given the size of these X is only about three grams of protein
    4:09within the egg whites
    4:1110 p.m. class diagrams possible given that you’re
    4:15maybe 45 at my sis is about 35 grams
    4:18of high-quality party in with you around
    4:22forecast to admit flavor into that
    4:29many use this to no tabasco session knees
    4:33are reinvented we’re in a lot of bars and restaurants if you are traveling
    4:37at an airport lounge Nepal at a bar
    4:46to define at a bar dreams pick up
    4:49and he with you stand X like this
    4:52yeah dishes to almost done with that
    4:57lasting do is results could be axed
    5:02have some options here basic bench
    5:05I picked up from the store and also believe avocado
    5:09yeah make breakfast this morning because am traveling so
    5:12I can keep this in a ritual is often icebox
    5:15around that keep the ice on overthrew
    5:19no I deal with dusky pink or so and the trip if you are charming
    5:23that was nearly done so take that out for us
    5:27see the water is boiling their
    5:34yeah like I said
    5:38always easy if you happen to catch on he get that with water from
    5:42no coffee place that can creepy wanna hold
    5:45I this any worse it gets the job done thought these
    5:50are gluten-free oats I travel with these these wannabe any food starving to
    5:54travel with
    5:54it’s just become a tradition house after yards in the morning on the way out
    6:01measure up father about hot
    6:04top all outs likes of but about
    6:11grams of carbohydrates in são grade
    6:15Akana a slowly expanded G throughout the next two or three hours
    6:19and means gonna make well
    6:23middle possible watchin
    6:26like sauna and just leave that’s
    6:33that you really suck up actual now meanwhile
    6:37as get our expand as much she’s in
    6:41we’re gonna takes out I have %remaining% just give it a stone yet
    6:45course who remove mushrooms once that dust so
    6:49for two minutes on call
    6:52now we’ll ask you can on a finish off
    6:55the I’m you here sis stevia
    6:59scissor a natural sweetener
    7:02trauma sweetleaf when you need a few
    7:06droplets in there dennis is something I travel with
    7:10missus only two for nasa so we can get through airport security with this
    7:14you know back much healthier than using
    7:18circular stressed Serina and much but from what is clear some other goodies
    7:27diana had and these are just some raisins
    7:29in at a small packet in here
    7:32no bed right in our system simple sugars
    7:37Bernama again things the pick up at a convenience store
    7:42or gasoline petrol station pretty easy to come by if not
    7:46concern shop with a cop open honest with you
    7:57goodness check on the s okay
    8:04mushrooms done see the ex starts into
    8:09session on the outside so gonna get that whiskey against
    8:14pappas back and forth further
    8:18minute or two before and stone at on stage now is just to get
    8:27cause I prepped and ready so
    8:31get reaches shoe much
    8:35will be about the that her to avocado
    8:39and healthy omega-3 fats in there so again we
    8:43really on mixing up full spectrum of complete
    8:46region amino acid to the prettiest slow releasing
    8:51complex carbohydrates and 223 newest
    8:55natural sugars coming courtesy of been on a
    8:58and the raisins and then a little bit if I miss my fats coming
    9:02here with the martian and avocado so not more
    9:06mean it’s nothing we can have everything ready to show you all
    9:09budget breakfast home
    9:13ha almost done mickey’s keep moving
    9:19that burma egg whites waiting outside
    9:22keeping everything in that middle
    9:26other to Minnesota
    9:47not bad
    9:47fall I’m incomes and Michael A like I said it
    9:52really is just a way to be able to key contract if you’re traveling
    9:55yes for should be getting ready for competition
    10:00on a shoot all really just try to stay on track with nutrition
    10:03you really will go to the ends of the earth just be ready
    10:07the same through the word back home nice
    10:11open this up in a bit because we kept
    10:15mixing every minute or ninety seconds you know
    10:19has England rugby we’ve still got that nothing us that consistency that you
    10:24might have
    10:24good I guess come on XO pleased that
    10:28get sum it up avocado and mushroom in HQ
    10:33meet incidences organ cokes and a microwave
    10:38really doesn’t look of that have of me
    10:42are oh no while special
    10:45tree tattoo that
    10:48one of those not impact the time pick up
    10:53and because I am on holiday here
    10:57%uh at literally scholastic out
    11:03that K that is are
    11:06budget breakfast protein we’re looking at about 35 per shot a movie about 40
    11:11grams getting from that number and some communities as well
    11:14about fifty grams of complex carbohydrates in Papillion
    11:1830 grams simple sugars them but that’s okay much
    11:21to have much spark a hundred morning and fat
    11:24will be massive many grams in total number and the avocado
    11:28final then the people who lost his with my hands in
    11:33skin well as the remnant all 10 have just done
    11:36a fitness competition among the many reasons why I’m traveling
    11:39and in and how hotel room so this is really saved me
    11:43many charms in a pinch having may give a try
    11:46keep your comments coming on prices heat G Facebook
    11:49joking on Twitter at what riches I C back in the kitchen
    11:53more nutrition tips and tricks proceed
    11:56ticket and enjoy it
    12:09on the

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    St. Thomas Budget Travel Advice 

    Complete Video Transcript

    0:00everyone harris now here i’d just like to share some travel advice about
    0:05belmar drought years
    0:07now this is how to go to uh… to saitama signed on the caribbean
    0:11accurately under inexpensively now
    0:13typically when he died and i think it would be a beautiful place doesn’t cost
    0:17a lot of money
    0:19you’re looking at a record of a expensive hotel
    0:21united to get expensive
    0:23when it’s really not the case
    0:25now what you can do this is exactly how i do it
    0:28there’s a lot of travel sites out there dot
    0:30are preferring tripadvisor
    0:33naturally they are talking laptop contributor rather on tripadvisor as
    0:37always make it a may have to write uh…
    0:40travel reviews for a place is an idea of what is the body
    0:44but you know tripadvisor dot com
    0:46indemnification rentals
    0:48intersect ominous and was the results come out
    0:52sort by price modi
    0:54in europe are places in our apartments all home
    0:57can be had four a hundred and thirty two hundred seventy dollars or so tonight
    1:01that’s after taxes and everything i need to jack
    1:04we find something light
    1:06you need to check the availability calendar
    1:08uh… most of the people who have the ability calendar on the air
    1:12and i also have contact information so make sure
    1:16um… even in a private matter rates on it may not have a car rates always check
    1:21to make sure that uh…
    1:23that what you’re interested in is
    1:25it’s a drive prices available
    1:28an armenian charges
    1:30in on their shouldn’t be eating charges reality check
    1:33uh… some of the other inner cities or
    1:36uh… private parties that are reading these houses and were apartments that
    1:40are part of your house
    1:42they’re probably gonna have a uh… deposit probably gonna be a few hundred
    1:48you have a sorority images
    1:49that that would cover that that
    1:52is really a way to do so for seven nights
    1:55a couple of key
    1:57could easily go to saint thomas for room
    1:59for their places like beautiful place
    2:02may be close to these may be up on the mount saint thomas
    2:05easily doable
    2:06for seven nights after tax and everything for a hundred thousand book
    2:11now bearing
    2:12so that’s going to cover the right
    2:14the place you can against legal or not
    2:16which also need to know you need a rental car
    2:19around a larger several
    2:21agencies in saint thomas
    2:23and i would recommend booking
    2:25all that’s one thing i want to say about the
    2:27the apartment in the house
    2:29be sure to plan at least six months if not you’re out if you can
    2:33because those uh… those affordable
    2:36vacation rentals by owner fill quickly
    2:39so was he got that books
    2:41you your course nate airfare
    2:43alabama recommend for our parents also tripadvisor again
    2:47all their money writer who work
    2:49and i wonder saint thomas’ destination
    2:52in an option on trivialize wrote you know you fear works
    2:56so if you book a pretty far out
    2:58unanimous on internet email for your work
    3:00airfare alerts
    3:01in in that way at the uh…
    3:04the the airfare drops
    3:05you made it very nascent iodine may defeat your car or class wherever
    3:10and i think our view and book it
    3:12so we’re very entertaining upon whether you’re coming out of the united states
    3:17if you get
    3:18and as we know fuel prices fluctuate
    3:20prayer prayer should be a killer
    3:22yes is probably in mon-wed what one would stand up into the homes or
    3:27somewhere like that
    3:28and obviously uh… saint thomas this is a whole pony ballgame out so much better
    3:33than bombs like bahamas
    3:35the same time as it is really except
    3:38you’ll also need a rental car
    3:40now rental coroner’s aborted under several agencies on the alameda jack
    3:46they could also took an online i think uh…
    3:48thank your honor has had a lot of people had success with hotwire
    3:52uh… hotwire dot com parading around four
    3:54so you just have asking around the hour now keep in mind
    3:59that the only allen is not is not decide thomas for guidance i promise
    4:04you can put that rental car
    4:05over fairy
    4:07indoor saigon so you did a trip over there got rendering apart
    4:11that’s what my son tom is really cool cuz you can get
    4:15the apartment or the
    4:17home rental
    4:18for week in saint thomas probably a lot less expensively
    4:22anyone inside iraq sustained saint thomas
    4:25alamogordo signed on as you please
    4:30item at the end of the other two are signing up for traveling on a budget
    4:34desai thomas’ of course a plan in advance
    4:37anything that uh…
    4:39this you know you any such emotion
    4:42that’s were stopped
    4:43uh… memory caught your camera camera charger cameras
    4:46sore colloquium
    4:48do you know that in advance
    4:50and that when when you’re there you’ve got all this topic
    4:53that the local stores that are really jack up prices has a nose dot people dot
    4:57i have
    4:59inter-party they forgot
    5:00so get all that
    5:02and we get there is plenty other grocery store just to sum up
    5:05disney basic out
    5:07uh… food items you throughout the week
    5:10judy through the roof three-week rather
    5:12and eke out some to do that
    5:14hang-up is that
    5:16at the apartment or house you’re saying it’s where you don’t have to eat out so
    5:19i gotta spend a few hundred dollars a day to speak
    5:22so if they can be
    5:24site thomas can be done on a budget
    5:27and that’s when i travel a lot to go up
    5:30like the budget hands-on
    5:32and we don’t hear about the issue that the other side of your recruiter happy
    5:37so we have
    5:38radio privately owned properties are way to get it
    5:41and we
    5:42we might go out and use s_o_s_ here tonight
    5:45if you’re going to
    5:46for example saint thomas u problem with a sailboat overdosed and died
    5:50unita passport for that
    5:53uh… you may want to go away on a trip to the virgin gorda
    5:56to the bass in that respect
    5:58really cool stuff relies on a drive a rental car around the islands and
    6:02and i get out of work so whatever days you can do that
    6:06the plan is much in advance if you can
    6:09in that way once you get there
    6:11number one you pretty much shadow
    6:13good paper everything already
    6:16and you make it more relaxing because you’re not like
    6:19you don’t like to get into it or not
    6:21because reading this excursion
    6:23plastic surgeon and going down to about not
    6:27talking to a captive in getting a day trip setup nascar and stuff you could do
    6:30in advance
    6:32so it’s really neat tidy experience how of interstate commerce
    6:36i have not yet renae house in saint thomas
    6:39that has to be the first time do that up in a really love the island
    6:43of saint john’s well said
    6:45but just thought i’d share this with us and giving it up
    6:47hope isn’t good
    6:48uh… travel tips refund on the budget
    6:51saint thomas
    6:52and i feel free to check out mother that he has many to count it
    6:55teaching dot com
    6:57or slash aritzia
    6:58thanks for keeping in habitat

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    DIY E008 – Hong Kong: the budget guide travel on food, getting around and free attractions! 

    Complete Video Transcript

    0:00it as the ready to be sure to let me have it yet
    0:03free drink that hot com and love greatly a lot built
    0:07transportation and not retraction and court
    0:11a day
    0:13school the mark
    0:26Heather I’m not how deck entrance other guys
    0:30and getting jealous come downtown I did that
    0:33in another got it I can get them on my own in Hong Kong on Wednesdays and
    0:38many bars and clubs often lady night specials and free drinks for us girls
    0:43and the only one who’s paying for overpriced drinks in those cover charges
    0:46are the guys to compensate for free drinks so hopefully you’re not one of
    0:51the nether about doing up some drinks
    0:55before we can do that we need to find a way to I can be
    0:58expense on state area in Hong Kong on
    1:02the most inexpensive way to get to and from CEO unit airport shuttle bus your
    1:07mind is this the best number
    1:08rooms available administration a lot we recommend you purchase it Octopus card
    1:13for the public transportation system
    1:15it can also be used in many establishments any unused balances are
    1:19fully refundable
    1:20you can get central district near downtown Hong Kong with an express shut
    1:25here you’ll find lots of inexpensive ha so that are perfect if you like walking
    1:28around all the major skyscrapers in hong kong
    1:31it’s where I got my free drinks in the club and bar district land quite bomb
    1:35it’s also home to time square the government the historical buildings and
    1:40the main shopping district near cause we Bay
    1:44Charl I hope that’s what you think that for my birthday
    1:48I been me that my stands
    1:51if that’s not enough he still feel the need to learn
    1:55you can always pray to the college at the marble temple
    1:59you get into animal is that hong kong’s the and botanical garden at that
    2:03Government House the famous hokum part in between the parties also walking
    2:07distance away
    2:08but if you like bargain-hunting a peace treaty
    2:12dude and hot local eatery there the shuttle but I think he’d be most get
    2:17it residential and shopping area all 8 pot
    2:21you want to track your haggling skills
    2:24you’ll need to come to your aid market on hunt way street real fine 100 the
    2:29selling everything from clothing souvenirs and excessive and yet to meet
    2:33a girlfriend for me
    2:35mhm is a flowers market we combine does out shop selling beautiful flowers
    2:40and lot greenhouse plants night this
    2:45you and for those who do you want he created you know the Hong Kong skyline
    2:51Jim Shaw joy is the perfect location and a nice backdrop as well
    2:55it is also where I date at the YMCA hotel at 41
    2:59sounds very Road it cut a little bit more than a hostile
    3:02but every night you are treated to the spectacular light show
    3:05City said okay
    3:10long walk shot to left I’m not it very romantic
    3:15I don’t walking have I like
    3:19walking especially when the Casa Santa Ana many museums
    3:23are free on when my fever is a hong Kong’s Space Museum
    3:27is a planetarium even mock-up know some cock pics section
    3:31has been shelled next door
    3:34is a Hong Kong Museum of Art we can join keeping
    3:38polygraph and sculptures from Hong Kong China and other parts of the world
    3:42you can make it for free Wednesdays bring %uh Stephen Carr perhaps price a
    3:46don’t forget to wake up early the next morning pre-trial cheap ass
    3:51offer on Mondays Wednesdays and Thursdays between 89 near the boardwalk
    3:55now cars my favorite
    3:59you know stars which pays tribute to name them the Hong Kong the Hong one of
    4:03the east
    4:04between the handprints and catch up bruce Lee and Jackie Chan
    4:09hey with me missile ok I’ll
    4:13on really sport from our no
    4:16primary me day but he still want to get paid
    4:21your best chance to visit the 119 Campbell
    4:24it not for me your every wish capture it like my mission winning the lottery
    4:29age at this point know which doesn’t come true then
    4:32no way is to get high me dole hired to create a giant Buddha
    4:37that statue is $30 for me there’s some way
    4:40over 250 metric tons that beer can be seen across
    4:44are as a Macau on a clear day the visitors will have to climb 206 the step
    4:49to reach the booth and
    4:54but Charles you for %uh look ready for a wedding
    4:57hard Omaha for only $10 Hong Kong dollars are going to die 15 US
    5:03you complete the bed compound Happy Valley racetrack you’re reading that
    5:08would be another good year later
    5:09not to mention the excitement Consumer Reports cross the finish line
    5:13after winning author money I and type 2 GS out something special but
    5:19taste Street 11th century old and is the ground who who
    5:23Street where you can try to compete curry balls
    5:26in some dishes from Beijing and Shanghai by
    5:29you’re hungry late go to Temple Street is open between 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.
    5:35is where locals eat but if you are adventurous enough
    5:39I dare you to try to pick intact dinosaur octopus tentacles on its debt
    5:44after all not feeling up to it time to learn about the history of
    5:48haha I’m here he her a place that
    5:52it free on Wednesday in
    5:55well got a lot to learn and just stay awake through and
    5:58time nothing away which level all a great day RT
    6:02and to get some free samples there’s no better way them
    6:05flagstaff house museum Lt where here
    6:09you can see tea masters MNC write a party
    6:12not to go along with the season after all that happy
    6:17I’m ready to conquer Victoria Peak way
    6:21when will be after all the target pp
    6:24definitely wanna much do being com
    6:27you that the best fielding toria harbor from kik circle rock
    6:31which is also the highest point on Hong Kong Island
    6:34there are many ways to get up there the most inexpensive way beach again %ah
    6:39at the MRT central or at morality station
    6:42and hike up by all he Road provided a description
    6:46you can catch up to Heather
    6:50this getting dark out a free I need to take a bus
    6:54off of my experience the cover the coach Graham and nine
    6:57you’ll be treated to fantastic spectacular like hong kong skyscraper I
    7:01like to show use
    7:03something really cool are really us the you
    7:06I’ll Hong Kong here you go is %uh my iPhone so the quality is not 100 percent
    7:12look at this
    7:18and okay tried all the enemy transportation options around haha
    7:22double-decker bus and taking a very
    7:25around champ show me Long Island
    7:28located 10 kilometers southwest of Hong Kong Island
    7:32we recommend you rent a bicycle for the day to discovered the time one beach
    7:36and poignant Beach chung ho psyche hiding places the Pirates during the
    7:4019th century
    7:42or tired or you will have a role at that high
    7:45I Road and don’t forget to get high
    7:48not the same ol Joe charo okay I
    7:51me don’t forget to check out the North look up a billion
    7:55yes yes Charles for what he did luncheon
    8:00night spending time together such beautiful eatery
    8:04I’m sorry Heather fishing boat just saw
    8:07Injun Joe there is a still at Activision
    8:10Lee and the local restaurants always ready the show first
    8:14fish today the Cedar Street near that here’s the best place on the island
    8:18last special Sheedy others
    8:21so much more to do with mom and fortunately we don’t have to mention on
    8:26the air
    8:26to don’t forget to check the Pomona description to look for granted
    8:30go Bethany kicking your mind
    8:34it there’s a lot of hotties so you know it
    8:38rate there if the Disneyland in her
    8:41com but given the enormous that mission right and
    8:44smaller side compared to other kidney hard we recommend you think twice about
    8:48visiting the hospital similarity
    8:52Ocean Park is slightly less expensive but
    8:55you also might want to make it work her there
    8:58officially the is no outside will allow
    9:02you camping in small amounts snacks as who is extremely expensive
    9:07there now we got you down video useful
    9:11and don’t forget to LIKE share comment subscribe to our channel: and don’t
    9:16forget to follow
    9:17Facebook when their impatience and now we off the ground
    9:20a Heather I got something for you on time Joe who helped your name on it
    9:25look at that we did that hymie
    9:28I got oh my god %uh make play
    9:32don’t ok that ok a lot
    9:36cannot saying I’m so you guys place
    9:40no I got you may be in
    9:45lab and weapons-grade
    9:48fun I know
    9:52parents okay you find
    9:56visited but numbers and roots in the description below
    10:00from what did
    10:04yes the octopus testicles on state
    10:08we’ll cock the is the chemicals %uh
    10:11at ok size of Pentacles sir

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    How To Travel 1 Year In Europe for ONLY $5,000 

    Complete Video Transcript

    0:01couch I want
    0:03have now I’m happy Monday to you I
    0:07wanted to finally a giraffe the question I get asked most often
    0:12drop even after Barclays conversely
    0:16do get higher traveling too cheaply
    0:19so I don’t want kids steps my process the hell is
    0:23for me I have no idea United its kinda way
    0:26the methodology traveled so I just a few gonna
    0:30so if you like and how to get around how I just a piece for very cheap and how I
    0:35have a kick ass time
    0:36now and practices the house use my
    0:40like allergy fees in up with right now I don’t know if it’s my
    0:44referencing renovation does not support the apartment answers for our stay
    0:48happen bernie and I’m kitchen necklaces here
    0:52mister persons come a lot doesn’t houston also with
    0:56right the path with the just like when he ish not fit all of its been some
    1:02and I refused to take allergy medicine has are distributed
    1:07crack itself now I’m suffering 30 anyway
    1:11cap reformers I would start talking about how I care
    1:16yeah and originally when I keep over to your
    1:19I bought a one-way ticket and I had a friend man who is manager Charlie
    1:24is he kinda kept I have for me like a cheap flight yeah
    1:28spend around five hundred dollars are a few moments later
    1:32and what inland I have no idea
    1:35about right here which is a good very cheap a right here
    1:39not strictly strictly where I year-round and the flight
    1:44are anywhere from my cash I’m
    1:48my flight attendants I think prompted time in 23
    1:52was a twenty-five dollars my flight from London to Corfu Greece was like
    1:58twenty-five dollars so the key parts you know is that because
    2:03I am very flexible in the
    2:06that I’m two-part I oh he’s book
    2:10the flight for the cheapest day and got home he was stable
    2:13money I don’t necessarily he burst pacific time I
    2:17looking for revenge d and I choose the cheapest
    2:20I’m and let the people who dancing with a girl coming on Thursday
    2:24so that’s kind of how I really been able to cut our own why
    2:28about transportation costs she’s been very flexible not being so on time
    2:33and be able to you choose the cheapest flight
    2:37and also you are so much like getting to a location I don’t have a car and
    2:42me so I have a time RA
    2:45you know you be like I walk so much it a bigger distance
    2:50no arsenic I would take a bus I’m
    2:55and or sometimes the train I can hit program to victory
    2:58mister euros 30
    3:01army want euro together on a bus
    3:04yeah cited I did take some time to get
    3:08around so what might take you like
    3:1115 minutes call car wealthy hear about it
    3:15our with public transportation but the plus side is it that way
    3:19you have too much free time do not work you hours a day
    3:22you have time to go and I’m be able to guarantee makes nothing I don’t like to
    3:28realistic I hope our time in transition
    3:31travellin migrated me her tree blast so I have my iPhone
    3:36all right down I time podcast on their offer and listen to them
    3:42and we’re going to have block and I just recently discovered can classic
    3:48E happen really time so for me I just look at that
    3:52you got my redox each time watching her husband
    3:55Jenna and do stuff that I’m probably normally do have it at home
    3:59so that’s like another big cost levers
    4:03using public transportation I don’t use a taxi
    4:06I’m ever and I think situated just when you meet people like I’ve met people who
    4:12country in they make oferty you somewhere
    4:15and I’m seeking chipping be ordinary travelers
    4:19here to go and he wanted get places that are kinda
    4:24farther away OMG so that
    4:27pack at the transportation back to that time
    4:30I booked flights from but the ground
    4:34this year I am to Venice Venice
    4:37to mind London to Corfu Greece corfu
    4:41back to mine
    4:42and mind two-piece which is in
    4:45any so although slight I paid
    4:48under 300 dollars for under 300 dollars
    4:52all right here and a lot of people credit are sketchy about right here
    4:56I human eighty like never had a problem your always on time
    5:00I have a chance rain never have to pee I’m my
    5:03baggage and I travel with AT&T durable like waterhole
    5:07so I take to get through security and the and i got up
    5:11with what the end busy or incident
    5:14airport so transportation etc how to save money
    5:1730 route and I tried my best and I
    5:21zigzag across euro but for me sometimes I’m
    5:25don’t have destination guide go here next
    5:28I started you know 18
    5:31chief later and trying to role 200 cheaper to not let me see if I can find
    5:37Steve Brule so I’ve just been very very open and flexible
    5:42yeah and just you discovery different reasons I
    5:46I kid you not like I had knowing existed before
    5:50I talk to somebody who were going hand
    5:54it was gonna Canary Islands is a cheap flight you get there from
    5:57show why no I and I’m like it was the Jimmy V
    6:03Island so many who also now after transformation that
    6:07and an office you did PC just been able to you
    6:11travel slower you articulate what I would tuve she
    6:15for you he break it wasn’t uncommon for me to spend like two thousand dollars
    6:19week you know flying to wear
    6:22paper food drinks and other no how troubling
    6:25no shit different method
    6:27it but its work sense to me and
    6:31I enjoyed myself so have to really think Oh
    6:35what makes sense for you and I think
    6:38that the question you might not be able to ask for you
    6:42in way you splicing figure
    6:45whole and I think the big car you’d be able to just
    6:49keeps touching right experiences
    6:52he has repeatedly I ask smartly I
    6:55floor for tonight in London I wanna do today
    6:59with severe Cassar p and
    7:02I have a good afternoon honey he special new home
    7:06top from you that isn’t much more important to keep
    7:09who who and might not be like the poshest accommodations by
    7:14youth I’m always going to remember that experience the conversation should
    7:19people or the dealership people sell I think for me
    7:23if you’re used to kinda luxury you give them every once in a while if we’re
    7:28staying out tonight
    7:29house and they haven’t detailed 20
    7:32who’s out but you know there might be tempted to rewrite
    7:36before I think the apartment that make not like
    7:40for you I just Asian in my mind I
    7:44always yummy homework because I
    7:47I’m range I it so I’m not going to sleep on the floor
    7:52up our country
    7:53make a fight that night now yes up it is what it is
    7:57sometimes II UT sleep
    8:00in a row I some degree here accurate like two hours
    8:04expect and happy
    8:07and and the next thing is
    8:10location and when I verification has the money is there
    8:14countries in Europe better cheaper for travelers than others so for example
    8:18where I am now Italy Spain
    8:21Portugal they are all awesome like about it
    8:24cooler because food is that’s expected go out and get my glasses
    8:28why one your when dollar for two dollars
    8:31anything haggling no snow how you’ll
    8:34know I have to stand for 10 where is like going out on Ironman
    8:38you go to a bar like dollar through tree
    8:41at dealing with one so after I have been
    8:45seeking the highest speed Italy because it is much more but
    8:50from for me and you know I do you want to go to places like Paris
    8:54and so many other big cities but I only intends to their
    8:58you now a couple of weeks or something his
    9:01you know I was in Rome room with to a much more expensive location for me
    9:06because the just charities gain
    9:09real just the attraction
    9:12are cell hun
    9:15the haitians he entered if you’re on a budget
    9:20picking country it’s not yet but magnetic
    9:24have RAM money and I’ve done it to you before
    9:28by an you the wrong media
    9:31on our two month
    9:33Stanley I’m so it’s not a competition just
    9:36you have to think about how location
    9:40and how much the costliest country it’s very important
    9:44an estimated the I’m
    9:47transportation his he inter
    9:51you J the other one is the cartesian for me I’m
    9:54travellin pretty much the work away doc go to work exchange
    9:58so I work a couple hours day exchange for a place to stay
    10:03and I have really free experiences up until I had a little bit creepy
    10:08experience to the guy here
    10:09in c3 but nothing I’m
    10:12other people in her life right rescue unit 102 into
    10:16me me should work away for head and
    10:19play for me if you can spend about $50
    10:24dollars I on hotel room I always like
    10:27I heard doing volunteer worker do cap CER
    10:30me answered all of my upcoming trip to England
    10:34I had to see my friends band I’m going on strike
    10:38people Tapson I found somebody reach out to people
    10:41night not foresee hey way where you staying here
    10:45with our and because number 1 I’m not to me
    10:51well shared features the number to an Aussie duo
    10:54money yeah I’ll by far remember
    10:58you staying with the browns person sharing stories personally
    11:02and I said room so got
    11:05how r really covered college cost in a couple
    11:09the year he like
    11:12for 45 hospital and I for
    11:15three days here
    11:18now up its beaches like this we did a hundred
    11:21cooper’s and everything a rocky
    11:24hostile or said cell
    11:28I really be able to eliminate a lot of justifying
    11:32you had her like I want to be useful I think I have skills I have knowledge I
    11:37experience is like and share
    11:39ball and from you past so
    11:43for meeting I’m not somebody out and making friend
    11:47and how that she I for a guy
    11:50I feel good you mines I’ll walk
    11:53and the next day so you cover transportation
    11:58her accommodation actually got the be your cell
    12:02so with work away most work we ought to work early Tuesday
    12:05done the providing good and
    12:09it’s really that could Costco
    12:12if I’m even larger determined and that if I’m going out to explore for the day
    12:16I might be a little
    12:17you know I have competed fruits yes there are times when I go out to you
    12:22dinner pastor from home plate light got curious
    12:26often frequent me home
    12:29she asked you’ll people who come through
    12:33for example yesterday I what’s my friends parents house
    12:37and a Disney huge p like Shrek been muscles and bread
    12:42vegetable up why a few
    12:46enormous today okay like yesterday but I
    12:49you only not was like after captain it was
    12:53fantastic Salem I think by try
    12:56momentary me lemme locals you have workers like
    13:00and like really original
    13:04like going to a rest stop I of would you like to go out and
    13:08pick up a little here in her butt very weird right
    13:11art state more fiber UT tenure
    13:15you know ten years like an accident wide
    13:18dollars on so that I in
    13:22secondly the thing for me is water is a
    13:25his injuries who chat with Dante gonna happen he told
    13:30tap water all good wearing
    13:34heart Jenna because it is so ordered
    13:37show all the paper or to the wires there’s
    13:41is this actually first issued
    13:44water didn’t she so it should be
    13:4750 E said like a huge thing water
    13:50on so I always like now I
    13:54clear my wonder components like
    13:58tore through work but lot of music very important
    14:02I’m your so much see doing
    14:05sheppard Creek daughter and
    14:10the next thing I wanna covering laughing before parts
    14:13and the other site travelers of the activities
    14:18up for me you having fun with a grand jury duty I am out now
    14:23and from you I enjoyed still
    14:26features here honesty low-key walk for our city
    14:30pictures in meet people and she conversations like
    14:34and that for me is what’s really interesting I am NOT
    14:37I turn to you I
    14:41museum fried Aki
    14:44like out and going up to the Coliseum
    14:48huge Apple selling whose caustic more
    14:53mine but the thing is that your no Kishi I
    14:56State St for at least three or four weeks
    15:00so by do so a lot of cities
    15:03of her 3d Yankees I’m trying to get into that is much
    15:08as I can and I’ll ask around and the one thing I really truly westinghouse
    15:13to DVD so many police your gives you discount and
    15:1910 she just had I D
    15:21grad school so if you do go to talk later issued ID or look at your teacher
    15:25is a lot just your for teachers and yes yeah
    15:30the hat high hopes for I delivered
    15:33rigorously hi manage Holick I am coming up on a year
    15:38and how much I you know I’m on taxpayer must bar
    15:43dollars sheer it like for me I’m just like I’d
    15:46time my in like the only be able to spend that much money
    15:50all the numbers I have like I guess you passed out at like you could be back
    15:55crappy have been so many different places in so many different people
    15:59not secured like not every day is like to hotel travel
    16:04I for example today I’m guy I went to the Jen
    16:08with my friend to try work of system
    16:12and afterwards I back lunch at home for us
    16:16and really signs actually
    16:19I had to say after days like reassigned
    16:23other friend he picking up on his merry way
    16:27in we went for a nice little ride around Sigma
    16:31and managed actually I and then there’s already
    16:34right now not exploring all day home and
    16:38for me to it I had bounced back
    16:42workers where the super exhausted sued
    16:48doctor like really enjoy it like super tired
    16:54that even a specific question on how to make travel
    16:57will feel free to reach out to me I’d be happy to get back to you
    17:02he has Bahia Bakari this cashier hi
    17:05on you haptic I would
    17:09gone years and years and years ago I just had such
    17:13such as perception the child expensive still like
    17:16out there and really it doesn’t be
    17:19you know if you’re willing to try to keep it open minded you more relaxed in
    17:24you know be opened write a different experience and
    17:28you really your happened me
    17:31smile have a great night
    17:35I work
    17:37I’ll began you said top

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    4 x Budget travel tips 

    Complete Video Transcript

    0:04nu weet dat je weer naar door amerika en tv kijken in deze zijn videochatfunctie
    0:09jongeren meedoen daar gaan we weer allemaal en mailtjes gestuurd en
    0:13reacties achtergelaten met wat je graag verkeerd zijn willen krijgen van meir
    0:17over amsterdam
    0:18of de overheid verplicht nec met telefoonnummer want daar staat de vraag
    0:23op hoe
    0:25deze streek op het oog de tekst werd het zou verkeerd zijn
    0:29jazeker gendt voordat ik zelf professioneel de wereld overvloog
    0:34moest ik ook gewoon alles boeken en dus ik weet echt in alle de hoeken van het
    0:38internet te hebben komt
    0:39ja eigenlijk de beste deals voor elkaar te krijgen
    0:43beginnen bij de tukkers daar hebben verteld dat zij het ik vaak gebruiken
    0:46dat is een tijdje tickets zijn kajak me goed die kennen jullie misschien ook wel
    0:50het zijn team misschien niet kent peter clijsen huis aan de kant super goeie
    0:54aanbiedingen en ervaringen bangkok echter ticket voor 500 euro de
    0:58betrekkingen deelde dit mee
    1:00tijd in de gaten moeten houden en andere is te zien is zij volgt daarbij ga je
    1:04eigen kijk op basis van jouw budget bijna allemaal heeft kunnen gaan
    1:08misschien geïnformeerd hebben naar londen vliegen
    1:10maar ook naar tel aviv en dan ga ik misschien niet kinderachtig
    1:15ik ben zelf echt een enorme fan van en de chip die zijn hotels is echt een
    1:21beetje van dat er voor de botlek cynisch
    1:23daarvoor ken ik een feit 4 zeker in de gaten moet houden
    1:26dat is namelijk de budgetten schrijft heeft dat voor het eerst een
    1:29vriendelijke geschreven en daarin vind jij de leukste feestjes die tijd was het
    1:33heel veel geld waard bent andere namen die je zeker moet onthouden en dan pas
    1:37naar amsterdam komen te zien daarvoor is het wel een beetje verstand
    1:40ik slaap je namelijk in het heel goed over design en
    1:44boston de eigen
    1:45voor een klein prijsje het is dat er echt een aanrader nog iets waar ik heb
    1:50ik vind dat je heel makkelijk op kunt besparen is namelijk gewoon alleen mijn
    1:53handbagage mee te nemen en ja ik ben niet echt lijkt uitgewerkt om heel
    1:58eerlijk te zijn maar ik heb dat inmiddels echt handbagage in te pakken
    2:01als de beste en 2007 en winkels als een hema maar ook een moet je niet heb je
    2:06ook wat van die leuke niet mijn ding niet is geïnstalleerd dat stelletje ja
    2:10ook niet al die saaie shampooflessen mee te nemen en het is een handigheidje het
    2:13is dat er vanzelf wel
    2:1520 euro zelf te dik is en dat is toch wel echt op de mont ventoux en anderen
    2:19en dat is nou echt vind ik zelf een bepaalde tijd iedereen die houdt van
    2:23lekker eten is dat het bij de meeste en beste ruim acht jaar de tukkers avond
    2:28gaan eten
    2:31albert zoer te werk
    2:33maar je kunt er ook ingaan van linkse mensen vaak hetzelfde deed vermoeden
    2:36maar dan echt
    2:37veel goedkoper is heeft u na een heel veel prettiger amper tien denken vanuit
    2:41het eigenlijk niet helemaal binnen het budget
    2:43check of zou het instellen van een pure oud genoeg misschien nog gaat
    2:47ik kan echt superleuk om mijn beste spitsen met jullie
    2:50dea abonneer je op het kanaal dan krijg je alle video’s automatisch in je
    2:53mailbox twee nooit van mijn leven en laat een kom met achterop deze video met
    2:57jouw vraag en die weet zie je dan weer terug
    3:00de vogelaar
    3:00het tweetal te amsterdam
    3:02de overheid

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